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The start of NBA is almost a week, then the new season, the players at the foot of the shoe last year is what has changed? Today you back next week NBA players on foot selection, say no more of it. Derrick Rose / Adidas DRose 6Dwyane Wade / Li-Ning Way of Wade 4Jimmy Butler / Jordan Super.Fly 4Kawhi Leonard / Air Jordan Retro 5LeBron James - Nike LeBron 13Aldridge LaMarcus / Jordan Retro 11AirGasol Pau / Hyperdunk Nike 2015 PERoss Terrence / TeamLi-NingDrummond Andre / Dub ZeroJordanGinobili Manu / KD 8NikeEarly Cleanthony / Li-NingKaminsky Frank / Jordan XX9AirBrian Roberts / Nike Kobe XPJ Hairston / Air Jordan XX9Jeri cheap jordan shoes for men an Grant / Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 2 LowKemba Walker / Jordan Super.Fly 4Lance Thomas / Nike Air Penny VIEmmanuel Mudiay / Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 2 LowPatty Mills / Under Ar〉Adidas Yeezy is more and more popular with the red half of the sky, the real shoe prices soared, fake shoes also emerge in an endless stream. Recently, Adidas yeezy 350 boost with a black phantom of the opera stage, not surprisingly, attracted a craze, genuine prices has pushed to RMB8000 yuan can be said is hard to find a pair of shoes. But this situation also makes the market appeared a lot of so-called high imitation, custom fak Retro jordans for sale e shoes. Many well known and the profits of a pair of fake shoes is very huge, although close to the genuine, but we believe something a lot of technical details, is not imitate fake shoes. Next, we will compare the Adidas yeezy 350 boost genuine and a pair of reduction of a high degree of 350 boost yeezy of Adidas imitation fake shoes: left yeezy 350 boost the suede semicircle region, which has a striking YZY words, font larger and lighter in color. (false) right yeezy 350 boost is a hallmark of suede semicircle region, above YZY smaller font, color is more close to the Suede Black, far look is not very obvious, a fa cheap jordans for sale mens rming of cool feeling. (true) three, from the heel lining to see on the left side of the Yeezy 350 Boost followed by a traditional artificial fabric lining, feel more smooth. (false) right yeezy 350 boost heel lining the hair texture and suede material with turning, and YZY region suede material are close. (true) on the left side of the Yeezy 350 Boost is not only smooth texture, and fill is also very thin, the basic experience of the existence of the memory sponge. (false) right yeezy 350 boost heel lining not only turn hair texture, but also filled with very thick, memory sponge will fit tightly heel around. (true) cheap foamposites four, from the soles to see on the left side of the Yeezy 350 Boost on the bottom can be seen as a seal of the same traces, lines are also very not clear. (false) on the right side of the Yeezy 350 Boost 〉Provincial Commission by letter deputy inspector Zhou Shuwei line yesterday to Dongguan, I inspect and guide the transformation and upgrading of the industrial city breakthrough work, said the Dongguan Municipal People's government work report on behalf of the vice mayor Deng Zhiguang, 1-8 months of this year, the city of Dongguan foreign enterprises total domestic sales of 157 billion 990 million yuan, an incre Cheap air jordans for sale ase of 20.6%, accounting for the total export 32.7%, 1.8 percentage points higher than last year. ; Dalang Houjie as a breakthrough point; Deng Zhiguang said that this year, the city to the town of Dalang wool industry and Houjie town shoe industry as a breakthrough point, through a variety of means to promote the overall upgrading of the city's industry. Among them, the city clearly proposed to Dalang to become China and the world has a greater impact on China's sweater market, Houjie is committed to creating "brand shoes, Houjie made" industrial brand. at present, the town of Dalang has completed Retro jordans for sale the planning and design of the wool textile trade center, combined with the "three old transformation, planning a total area of 10 square kilometers of the wool trade area, to promote the textile industry from product management to brand management changes, from trade to modern wool production base city transformation. in addition, Houjie town to invest 1 billion yuan to accelerate the implementation of sign area and the square area of the "three old" project, a $160 million investment, planning 240 acres of land, the construction of the world's footwear (Asia) headquarters base, build research and development, p cheap jordans for sale rocurement, trade industry base, and further optimize the local industrial development environment. Dongguan enterprise production and operation difficulties still exist Deng Zhiguang revealed that, at present, Dongguan enterprises production and operation difficulties still exist. The continuous appreciation of the renminbi, raw materials in most industries and workers wages continued to rise, electricity consumption, employment, financing difficulties and other issues still affect the development of enterprises. In addition, the depressed market demand also limits the price increase of the enterprise, w Cheap air jordan 12 ovo hich leads to the profit being digested by cost. Deng Zhiguang suggested that through the policy to guide private capital or bank funds flow to industrial investment, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading. At the same time, it is suggested that the provincial government formulate policies to purchase advanced and applicable equipment for industrial clusters or enterprises within the specialized towns, eliminate backward production lines and production capacity and implement quota subsidies. - Data: before September of this year, producing 518 million pairs of shoes Houjie will manufac Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ture and other shoe materials production links and labor-intensive processes to transfer, and guide a number of high-quality enterprises will be R & D institutions downLining the 2017 by cloud strikes, upper is made of synthetic leather, cloth and fabric material with fly development innovation, gradient printing process is particularly magnificent, the bottom is equipped with the exclusive Lining cloud innovation and technology, stable TPU, finally equipped with rubber outsole create excellent cushioning experience. item: ABAM007-3 001IzPVqzy77SVqOTAi96& amp; 690.jpeg (120.31 KB, download number: 4) download Lini cheap jordans online ng of 2017 2017-1-11 17:22 upload 001IzPVqzy77SVqKxU92d& amp; 690.jpeg (111.6 KB, download number: 4) download Lining of 2017 2017-1-11 17:22 upload 001IzPVqzy77SVqMT2z7b& amp; 690.jpeg (105.17 KB, download number: 4) download Lining of 2017 2017-1-11 17:22 upload 001IzPVqzy77SVrMP1d27& amp; 690.jpeg (145.26 KB, download number: 4) download Lining of 2017 2017-1-11 17:22 upload 001IzPVqzy77SVrQpHpd7& amp; 690.jpeg (134.17 KB, download number: 4) download Lining of 2017 2017-1-11 17:22 upload 001IzPVqzy77SVrWJUk18& amp; 690.jpeg (121.13 KB, download number: 4) download Lining of 2017 2017-1-11 17:22 upload Lining, the 201700adidas's regional brand, Adidas Originals, has recently released its latest Decade Hi shoe in the spring of 2011. Decade Hi sports shoes was in its heyday and dominate the game NBA and Adidas Originals have two streets and lanes, but no new Decade shoes, but the shoes from the release of the appearance, the Decade Hi is worth waiting for. Decade Hi looks like Forum Mid, but they don't have much in common except for contour similarity. This shoe has yellow and black / Grey / blue two colors, using the canvas and leather uppers blending design, large tongue design make this shoe looks playful. recently all eyes are focused on the history of a man feat, the British F1 driver Lewis Hamilton won the 2008 F1 championship, becoming the first black history and the history of the F1 annual championship most young athletes. While people were still wondering about the wonders of the last lap of the Lewis Hamilton, Ferrari, the team that won the F1 annual team championship, held the Mugello in 2008 at the circuit. While celebrating the F1 championship, Ferrari held a grand opening ceremony for the 16M Scuderia F430 Scuderia Spider F40. F430 Scuderia Spider 16M limited production of 499 units. The engine has a maximum power of 510, and the power to weight ratio achieves a feared 2.6 kg / HP because the weight is 80 kilograms lighter than the F430 Spider. F430 Scuderia Spider 16M 100 km acceleration 3.7 seconds, speed more than 315 kilometers. In an open car, curves are hard to find! From the release ceremony, you can see the F430 Scuderia Spider 16M will have black, gray, red color choice, of course, the price will certainly be more expensive than the F40 Scuderia $277000 USD. download (54.53, KB) 2008-11-11 download (55.15 KB) 2008-11-11 download (51.97 KB) 2008-11-11 download (59.77 KB) 2008-11-11 download (52.51 KB) 2008-11-11

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